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How to book a charter in Charleston, SC.

The Charleston Harbor is full of activities one can do on the water. Everything from jet skis to watching dolphins and booze cruising. When choosing a cruise there are many things to keep in mind. Everything from size of the boat to whether or not food is included are vital in having a great time on the water. We have outlined some tips below: 1. Consider the amenities of a vessel: You will want to make sure you party is set up for a great time. Does the yacht have bathroom facilities? Does the boat have a canopy so your not in the sun the whole trip? Is there an eating area and refrigeration? Does this trip require you to purchase their food or can you bring your own? 2. Destinations: Always think about where on the water you want to go and see. Consider the time it takes to get out to Fort Sumter if you want to ride around the fort (can't disembark due to national park regulations). Does your trip include getting in the water or sitting on the beach? 3. Weather: Make sure your covered for long days in the sun: Think about your time in the sun. Is it more than two hours and if so do you have shade on this trip. If someone gets sea sick, is there an area for them to relax? We now how important all these decisions can be when choosing a trip on the water which is why at Follys Best Charters, we strive to make sure we check off all the boxes. Not only do we allow you to bring your own food and beverage, but we want you and your guests having a great time regardless of the weather, destination and amenities.

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